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Wooden Decorative Box Centrepiece

Have you ever tried to create a wooden box with an amazing WoodUbend mouldings?

You would be amazed how you can turn your simple wooden box into a Beautiful and

Eye-Catching piece for your home decor.

In this workshop, you will be learning the following techniques:

  • How to apply WoodUbend mouldings

  • Paint Pouncing

  • Apply gilding wax

  • Apply dark wax

  • Seal your piece (clear wax or top coat)

The materials included:

  • Wood Box

  • Cup Handles

  • Paint and supplies

  • WoodUbend Applique - designs may vary.

This is a 2-3 hour workshop

PRIVATE workshop is available - please call us for your availability and we will coordinate with your time.

Refreshments are provided during/after the session.

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