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Tropical Flower

Our Story

It all started when my wife and I were looking for a piece of study table for our eldest son. We bought a second-hand affordable table and we painted it. Our son was very happy that the table turned out like new and looked amazing!

Since then, the painting of furniture became a hobby to us, then became a PASSION, and it becomes a PURPOSE.

I can tell that painting is now part of our everyday lives. With the help of my wife, we pursue to start a business that will encourage people to explore the world of true colors.

How we got our store name? We have 3 amazing sons, Antonio, Allen, and Abraham. The name we have chosen, which came from our son's name, and "Pintura" is a Tagalog word which means "Paint". We came up with this name to share with you the beauty and work of art of painting and to appreciate the true colors of the world!

How we came up with our logo? Those 3 little handprints are our son's real handprints! It symbolizes family, love, and is not afraid to get your hands dirty to learn new things in life! Get out from your cave and try to learn the endless creations of colors of the world!

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