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Rustic/Farmhouse Wooden Milk Caddy

Want to Create a Fun And Amazing Way to Decorate a Bottle Wooden Caddy? 

In this workshop, you will going to learn the fun way to create a rustic/farmhouse bottle wooden caddy. This is very versatile caddy which you can use it as beer bottle holder, a milk bottle holder, you can also use it as your utencil holders, works in so many ways, it is just an endless possibilities you can imagine!


You will learn the following techniques on how to:

-  Create a farmhouse /rustic look

  • Use crackle

  • Dry brushing

  • Apply WoodUbend mouldings (mouldings of your choice)

  • Apply dark wax and gilding wax 

  • Seal your piece with clear wax

  • Apply decor transfer


Materials included:

  • Milk Caddy

  • Sunflower Decor Transfer

  • Paint and supplies

Please NOTE : WoodUbend mouldings are to be purchased separately upon arrival
(price of moulding varies depending of the design).


PRIVATE workshop is available - please call us for your availability and we will coordinate with your time.

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